TMainMenu acting odd in MDI application...

Hi all.

I have an MDI application running under Windows 98 with Delphi 4.  My MDI
child forms each have a TMainMenu as well as the main MDI form.  The menus
merge fine with my grouping and coding, but there is odd behavior.

We've all seen how the newer common controls handle menus.  When the mouse
floats over an item on a menu, the item appears as a button like a toolbar
with flat buttons.  When the menu is dropped down, it appears as a pressed
button.  This is all great in giving the menus a 3D appearance.  However,
when any of my MDI child forms are opened and the menu is merged, all of the
menu items function like the original Windows 95 menus.  That is, there is
no flat button indication when the mouse floats over an item and it does not
appear as a pushed button when dropped.  Instead, the menu item is colored
with the clHighlight color and the text is clHighlightText.  This is just
like the original Win 95 menu items.  This wouldn't be a big deal if it
weren't inconsistent.  It starts out functioning like the newer menus and
once any MDI child form is opened it functions the old way.  Even after all
MDI child forms are closed, the main form still acts like the old menus.

Any ideas or fixes for this inconsistency?

Thanx in advance,
Matt Sollars