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Library Path Cleanup.

This is a nit .. but a real irritant.

Delphi3 .. In:    Tools | Environment Options | library | libary path

How the hell does one delete a library path entry??????

I have changed some locations around and want to get rid of old path
entries but can't figure out how to delete them.

Are the contained in a file I can edit???

I know this is no big deal but just one of those things that has taken
on a life of its own.

Thanks in advance.
Delphi Rookie.


Re:Library Path Cleanup.

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999 18:11:19 GMT, (bernard mahon)

>>How the hell does one delete a library path entry??????

It aggravated me too and I am not sure it is the Kosher way to do this
but it works for me, soooo.

Warning you can{*word*222}Win95/98 up **big-time** here if not carefull.
If you are not comfortable changing the Registry then do NOT do the

Find the exact wording of an entry you want to remove then launch
"regedit.exe" usually in the \Windows directory.

From the menu select "Edit > Find" and type in the stuff you want to
find, then doubleclick on the first entry it finds and carefully
remove the offending information, select OK, then F3 to find the next

You should probably save a copy of the appropriate files before doing
this so you can go backwards if you get a little over-zealous. <g>


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