Detect changes to file by other progs.

        I would like to be able to detect when changes are made to a file in Win95
(and Win3.x if possible).  I could use a timer or OnIdle event handler to
check for changes in the file (I have a specific one or two in mind), but I
would rather use an event-driven method.  Is there a windows message I can
trap or some callback/API function I can hook into.  We have a 20+ Win NT
3.51 Server-based network so if there is a way to do this with Win NT
Server that is also available.  All I need to know is that a file has just
been updated/appended.  One is a text file and one is a binary file.  A
generic solution would obviously be the best.  I have QuarterDeck's
Cleansweep Usage Monitor but it seems to check for changes on a timed
interval.  Any help would be tremendously appreciated.  The advantages of
asynchronous event notification vs. polling here are desirable.
        Please post replies to the newsgroup and email them to me as well because,
 I am not sure my ISP is getting all the newsgroup postings.
        Thanks again for any and all help that may be forthcoming.

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