BSTR WideString & Delphi 3.0

A while back I wrote a nice C++ DLL to speed the string parsing
functionality of
an application written in Visual Basic.  It took me just about a million
years (ok
maybe not *that* long) to figure out how to properly use BSTR's
and other such functions.)

The DLL works fine, but now I am faced with improving the functionalty
that I belive
will over-tax my knowledge of C, plus I already have the additional
routines written in
Object Pascal (a Delpihi 3 dll.)  The problem is I don't know how Delphi
encapsulates the BSTR type.

Question (sorry for rambling!):  Is the WideString type equivelant to
the BSTR type?
If not, where is the BSTR type defined in Delphi 3.  I find no reference
in help.

As always, any help is appriciated.