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DDE Client and Database Access (Delphi 2.0)

I am having a problem with a Delphi 2.0 DDE client application I have
been developing.

Every time I try to access a database table while the DDE conversation
is active, it does something to the connection so that I get no more
messages from the DDE server.

For example, I send a macro to the Server telling it to do something.
When it is finsihed, it sends me data.  Once I get the OnChange event
for the client Item, I want to write the sent data to my database
table.  Well, I get the first reply and it write the record to the
database but I don't get any more replies after that...

I have commented out the code that accesses the table and the
conversation mysteriously works again.

Anybody got any ideas?

Chris Morris


Re:DDE Client and Database Access (Delphi 2.0)


> Anybody got any ideas?

> Chris Morris

The Borland DDE components are seriously naff, including a range of bad
design and poor implementation problems.

Instead take a look at our own DDE component - 'Django'.

'Django' is a comprehensive implementation of all DDEML functions in a
single super component.

A full product spec and evaluation version can be found at our web site


        .... ICFM Software

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