Closing child forms

I am writing an application that has a main form and a progress dialog.  I
display the progress dialog with SHOW instead of SHOWMODAL so that the user can
minimize the application.  I took care of everything to prevent them from doing
stuff on the main form that I didn't want them to mess with while the progress
dialog was visible.

Once the process is complete, I call the CLOSE method of the progress dialog to
remove it from the screen.  All works really well as long as the application is
not minimized.  If the application is minimized and the process completes, the
progress dialogs CLOSE method is being called but when I restore the
application, the progress dialog is still there and I can not close it even if
I directly call it's CLOSE mthid via a button push.  

I know that the CLOSEQUERY method is returning TRUE for CANCLOSE and that the
CLOSE method is called because I had these methods change the APPLICATION.TITLE
so I could see that they were called.  I even added an APPONACTIVATE method
that checks to see if the process is still active and if not close the progress
dialog but that doesn't work either.  

It acts as if the application thinks the dialog is already closed and because
of such, it can't close it again.

Any help would be most appreciated.
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