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Command-line interface for executing SQL?

I believe I already know the answer to this question (NO), but I'll
ask anyway...

  Is it possible to submit SQL statements and queries directly to
  the BDE (or Database Desktop, or Database Explorer) from the command
  (DOS) prompt without coding such an interface from scratch?

Several of the utilities that ship with the BDE (Database Desktop,
Database Explorer, etc.) allow ad-hoc SQL statements and queries to be
entered and executed, and I was just wondering if there was a command-
line interface available to automate such tasks.  After all, it appears
as though users must physically start these Windows utilities before
invoking any GUI-based functions contained within them.

For example, if a command-line interface were available, then I could
simply create a batch file that submitted SQL statements to the BDE
for execution, and schedule that batch file to run every month using
Windows NT's "AT" command.  This would be useful for automatically
generating monthly reports, etc.

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer on this subject.

-Jim Rofkar

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Re:Command-line interface for executing SQL?

Those other tools do more than allow you to enter a SQL statement; they have
to at least provide you with a way to specify the database that you're using
and, if necessary, provide a login dialog.

I would have thought that it would be really simple to write a trivial C++
Builder application that accepted a command line and executed it.

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