Help.. Having trouble with program

I recently picked up a project that I have put on the shelf for over a
year.  The project is an employee scheduling program.  What the program
needs to do is to have the ability to create a database with employee
info such as associate number, name, job class.  The associate number is
a six digit number, and the job class would be a three letter designation,
 the data needs to be sorted by assoc. number.  I also need to have a way
to format an output to a printer as well as save a copy in a file.  I
have a lot of source written for this program but, the database and the
printed hard copy are stumping me.

The printed copy needs to be in the following format:

Associate#       Name      Total Hours      Sun        Mon      Tue    
Wed ..  Sat
2/26/96  2/27/96 ...      3/2/96
123456       Joe Blow         40                 OFF     9:00-5:30   1:00-

654321       jane Blow        25               12:00-6:00  OFF       9:00-

I can figure out the appropriate hours subtracting a half hour from the
shifts for lunches so that 9:00-5:30 would be eight hours instead of
eight and a half hours.  I can't figure out how to get the dates or to
have this printed out.  Getting the associate information into a file and
retrieveing it, is kicking my butt.  Any help in this  would be greatly
appreciated and credit will be given where it is due.  You can post it
here or e-mail it to the address below..