Opinions on different databases formats sought (yet again)


I'm sure that this problem has been posted before, my aplogies but
I've been away from the group for a few months.

I am developing a small database app using Delphi 4 with the aim of
eventual sale as an app for stand-alone machines or very small
networks. I'm wondering about the relative merits of MS Access vs
dBase for the database.

The app will use about 10 related tables and I do not anticipate more
than a couple of thousand records in the  largest tables.

I am asuming that the users may be rather computer illiterate and that
databases corruption could be a problem if they don't exit windoze

So far my thought are

for: easy to build with Access's graphical relationship tool. Plus the
single database file may slightly ease deployment and upgrading.

Against: Microsoft's legiondary stability

Does anyone have any useful opinions, data or experience  on this