Why am I getting an EDBEngineError?

I am trying to use Delphi to write backend programs to link
web pages to a database and have hit the following problem.

One program queries a dbIV database and then runs continously,
sometimes stepping through the result set. A couple of other
programs sometimes read from the same dbIV database - but after
one of them does so, the first program crashes the next time
it tries to step through. I get an EDBEngineError, Access to
Table disabled because of previous error. But I shouldn't
be reading from the table any more, just looking at the
previously acquired result set.

None of my programs are changing the database, just
reading from it. My TQueries are not live. How do I
have to configure the BDE and the Query components to
allow sharing for reads?

Confounded after much searching,

David Weisberger