CRT runtime 200 in Turbo Pascal 7,0

If when trying to program in Turbo Pascal 7,0 using unit CRT runtime 200
gives to the error " error you " you needed the patch that solves east
problem. One is in the direction:

It causes the operation failure is in the boot for the procedure of the
retardation that is part of the boot of the unit of the CRT. The boot of the
retardation is called in each program that uses the unit of the CRT, not
hardly on that use the procedure of the retardation. The unit of the CRT is
included in most of the programs that are written in PASCAL de Borland. The
boot of the retardation counts how a very small curl do-nothing is due to
call often to delay by 55 milliseconds (the time measured reading the
accountant of the time of the bios in the address of memory 40:6C that
tictac 18.2 by a second does, is to say every 55 milliseconds). This then
number is divided by 55 to obtain the number of them calls