problems with program under XP & Me


I have a program, which works fine under 95/98, but someone has
reported strange behaviour on XP and Me.  The program has a
TTimer which is *supposed* to start when the program is started:

Windows ME system with Office XP installed caused a message box
with "Function called with insufficient parameters" error to pop
up every second when the program is run.

Windows XP Professional (release version as shipped with MSDN)
refuses to tick when loaded on start-up (the install creates an
item in the windows startup folder). - The timer is paused
(there is a pause button - if you press this the timer starts).  
If the program is just run from the command line, it works fine
- the startup shortcut doesn't use any parameters or anything

Does anyone know what could cause either of these two symptoms?  
The program is compilled with the built in run-time libraries
compiled in, rather than needing them at runtime.


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