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Update and Insert only half words

2005-01-05 02:16:33 PM
I have a problem with my sql updates. I use label and edit boxes and
parameterised queries and when I do some insert and updates for some reason
only half the word is updated to the database.
eg. should insert 'black vneck' but inserts 'black vne'.
I see in my logs that that is what is send to the parameters but I don't
understand why.
I'm using Delphi 7 with MySQL.
Any help will be apreciated!

Re:Update and Insert only half words

Please do not multipost or cross post your messages. It violates Borland's
guidelines for using their newsgroups and wastes everyone's time. Please
post one message in the most appropriate newsgroup and please take a
moment to read the newsgroup guidelines at
Make sure you have the latest MySQL driver from the Delphi Developers area
or Ramesh Theivendran's page on Code Central. IIRC this was a problem in
an early version of the driver.
Bill Todd (TeamB)
TeamB cannot answer questions received via email