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problem when executing app on another computer

2003-12-12 06:06:25 AM
I've developed a client-server application. It uses an IdTCPServer and an
IdTrivialFTPServer for the server side and an IdTCPClient and an
IdTrivialFTPClient for the client part. The app works fine while it is
running on the same machine it was developed, but if I install it onto
another I get always the message "Connection closed gracefully" when client
tries to communicate with server.
I suspect it has something to do with Delphi, because I tried to install
Delphi on the machine where I got the error and afterwards it began to work
Do I need to include some DLL, package, resource file or whatever so that
Indy works fine? Or have I to change some setting in project options?
Perhaps registering something?
Hope somebody can help me. Thanks all!

Re:problem when executing app on another computer

Have done some testing more and now I am almost sure it has to do something
with Delphi, but not in the way I first thought. The app I was testing was
installed with InstallShield Express and having problems with Indy. Only
EXEs and a pair of files containing metadata and initial data for database.
Now I have tried again but moving my whole project to the test computer.
Well, when I executed the app I had no problem with Indy telling me
"Connection closed gracefully". I suppose there is something i am missing,
but what?
Thanks for help