error 10051 - Network is unreachable

2003-11-03 11:41:20 PM
I built the Indy demos : HTTPClient & HTTPServer.
i tested them without any complex features, like SSL, Authentication etc...
i ran the HTTPServer in my computer.
in the HTTPClient I specified my IP address as follow: x.x.x.x
it worked fine when the client ran on my computer, or on other
computer-neighbors in the same LAN. the problem is that i got this 10051
error when i tried it from my home-computer, while connected through an
internet provider (outside the LAN). i tried : ping x.x.x.x in a
command-prompt window, and it worked fine - I have got "Reply from
another hint that might help to track this problem:
my computer also run a Host-part of a program called ''NetOp", which is a
"kind of pc-anywere", and i was able to run successfuly the Guest-part of
this program on my home-computer and connect to this Host-part. the only
thing i supplied the Guest-part was the IP address.
so, what this (Guest/Host-part of the) "NetOp" do that HTTPClient &
HTTPServer dose not?
thanks in advance.