Re: DDE-like protocol for over-the-internet? SNMP with ASN.1/BER? Somethingelse?

2004-01-28 06:32:51 AM
Warren Postma writes:
We are lookint to implement something like DDE, with a list of Variables
and values, (Each variable is given a name like 'Xyz', and a value,
which can be anything that a Variant type can store), and we want to
replicate these on-change across a TCP/IP Network (the whole internet,
Check MsgConnect ( You can use MCDataTree
class to write down all your data (MCDataTree is similar to IniFile but
it is hierarchical and supports different data types etc), save them to
stream and send the stream using Messenger class itself.
Eugene Mayevski
EldoS Corp., CTO
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