Calendar - DatePicker like component

2003-08-22 05:19:58 AM
I created a Calendar component derived from TGroupBox and it worked just
fine till the moment I placed it near the borders of a container (form,
tabSheet, etc) - in this situation the calendar is only partially visible
since its size is limited by the size and the visible area of its container.
I tried to take a look at the implementation of TDateTimePicker but didnt
find anything i could use to solve my problem (I noticed that control
displays properly under the same situation in which my control "goes
Idea #1: i considered creating a form template but if I do that I wont be
able to place it inside the "calling" forms and I will have to capture the
events from code (i wont be able to use Object Inspector to view/assign the
Idea #2: i created a TDialog descendant (in fact a QtDialog descendant) but
its "execute" method has no code in it (abstract) and I couldn't figure how
to make things work.
I searched the internet for an article, an example or a "how to" but most of
the results I found are related to C++ and OWL.
I also found one post that warned about a resource file (.RES) being a
requirement in order to have any dialog shown properly. Right now all my
calendar controls (buttons, labels, etc) are created at runtime.
- we are using CLX, not VCL
- I dont have much time to spend coding this workaround (16 hours top);
- third party components are not an option due to project requirements;
Ideas ? Solutions ? Please... ?
Best regards,