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symbols to TTF

2007-08-13 08:40:26 PM
I have thousands of symbols. They made by a series of simple (x,y) points.
I wish to know is there a tool or library functions to convert them to a TTF
so that users can use them as font?
Thanks in advance for any opinion!

Re:symbols to TTF

as from the technical side: TTF glyphs contain shapes defined as line and
quadratic bezier segments, forming "polygons" that are closed.
The file type specification can be downloaded from the microsoft website (if
I'm correct). However, it is not too simple; the coordinates are all coded
in a very special way, and you also must define blackboxes etc, and some
other info on the font.
Maybe you can google around for code that already does this, or try the
freetype library (not sure if it supports *writing* of TTF files, maybe only
reading them).
Sure enough there must be tools around that can produce TTF files.. maybe
they have an import function so you can feed the tool your xy point file.