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INT64 - functions problem

2006-02-12 01:40:54 AM
Thank you for help but it doesn't work:

y, z : INT64;

while (y < int64(z)) do
begin increment(y); end; .........................>Errormessage
appears: /////problem to show text in message
Internal error C1093
///therefore increment instead of inc

i : int64;
For i := int64(1) to int64(10000000)
begin end;

doesn't work either...

by the way using y: integer I succeed in getting the divising numbers of
4294967296 but evey thing longer doesn't work.....
: I am investigating all numbers from i = 1 to square-root from the prime
investigate. The squareroot 65563 is really much shorter than even the
integer limits.....and wonder why I cannot at least work with number up to
squareroot (prime)=2000000000 (limit of integer) so prime might be up to
limit 4 E18....and this is sufficient for me.
finally I am not sure if the function round or sqrt changes the format to
Integer. string to int64 works...



Re:INT64 - functions problem

"Thomas Willms" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>wrote
Thank you for help but it doesn't work:
In a few words, what is the problem? --JohnH