HTTPRIO UTF8 Delphi 6 Enterprise

2005-03-29 06:43:24 PM
I am using Delphi 6 Enterprise and a THTTPRIO object to invoke another companies web service and was having a problem sending UTF8 characters such as "Wir bestštigen den Eingang".
When I imported the WDSL file I chose to convert strings to widestrings.
I set HTTPRIO.Converter.Options.soUTF8InHeader to TRUE and
HTTPWebNode.UseUTF8InHeader to TRUE and still didn't work.
Next I tried :-
procedure TdmData.rioTextAnywhereBeforeExecute(const MethodName: String; var SOAPRequest: WideString);
SOAPRequest := StringReplace(SOAPRequest, 'xml version="1.0"', 'xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"', [rfReplaceAll]) ;
And this worked.....
Is this a bug in Delphi 6 fixed in later versions?
Is there any better way for me to achieve the same thing?
Thank you for any help....