Stop the insanity - Take a break for the holidays

2003-12-20 01:26:08 AM
You need to read slower then :-) I think the original poster's
comments is that Delphi 8 will be so buggy and requiring several SP's
immediately, that there won't be enough resources to devote to
a Delphi 7 SP until Q3, Q4 2004.
As promised, I won't add to the displeasure shown of no Delphi 7 SP
yet or add to some of the FUD being spewed in these threads.
It's the holidays. Some of us are waiting for D8. Other's
are waiting for a concrete road plan for the next year on
how the Delphi product line is going to support us win32
Let's give these kinds of discussions a rest until Jan 15th!
Can we all agree on that? Let's give David, John, and
Anders a chance to talk to management after Delphi 8 ships and
see what we get.
Let's give TeamB an early holiday gift. If we don't have
these threads, maybe they can spend some quality time else
Everyone have a happy holiday and this is hoping that Delphi 8 .Net
provides a great way for us to do .Net programming now and
into the future and that us Win32 die hards are also taken
care of by Borland.
Nick Hodges (TeamB) writes:
On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 17:52:34 +0100, Eric Grange <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>

>If you label an info has FUD without doubt,

Yes, it is FUD to say that Delphi 8 for .Net won't be delivered for
eight months. I have made no comments on service packs at all.

After that, I am afraid you've lost me.

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