Bad performance to insert using DataSetProvider

2005-05-16 11:45:14 PM
Hi for all.
I'm using delphi7 interprise, ClientDataSet/DataSetProvider,
TADOQuery, ODBC and Database Intersystems Cach?
I'm with a bad performance using inserts.
I did a test using only TADOQuery (without TDataSetProvider), and it's
10 times more fast.
The delay is in:
function TADOCommand.Execute(var RecordsAffected: Integer;
const Parameters: OleVariant): _Recordset;
using only TADOQuery - ~15ms (time)
using TDatasetProvider - ~170ms (time)
I saw the ODBC Log, and using TDataSetProvider, the ADO request to the
Database all datatypes in each insert.
Can anyone help me?
Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for all.