ANN: FastReport Server

2004-06-22 12:51:26 AM
Dear friends!
Welcome to test our FastReport server. Now available on-line test
version of the server.
FastReport server provides many features for server side reporting in
internet/intranet networks. FastReport 3 is the kernel of the
reporting engine. Fast and poweful server engine use Hypertext
Transfer Protocol (HTTP, RFC 2068). The FastReport Server completely
autonomous and does not require using other HTTP server (Apache, IIS
- Internet/intranet reporting
- Web-development
- End-user solutions providing functionality for business analytics,
- financials, human capital management, operations, corporate services
- Industrial client-server application
Expected features
- Full FastReport 3 compatibility
- Hypertext transport protocol (HTTP) compatibility (RFC 2616)
- Standalone web-server mode
- Advanced security for multiple user groups and access permissions
- Gzip compressing support (RFC 1952) for client-server files transfer
- Server Side Includes (SSI) allow a webmaster to include dynamic contet
from the other servers
- Multiplatform client module
- Access to server from client application (with FastReport client module)
- Access to server from any web-browser
- PDF, XML, Jpeg, RTF, HTML output format support
- Remote administrator access to server control panel
- Full access and errors logging
- Web-forms support
- FastReport forms on the fly converting to web-forms
- Multiple database types support
- Multiple database connections support
- Network printing support (dot-matrix printers supported)
Read more:
FastReport Server on-line demo:
PS: Do not forget vote for FastReport at The Delphi Informant 2004
Reader's Choice Award
Best regards,
Michael Philippenko mailto:XXXX@XXXXX.COM
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