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Mixing database persistence & registry

2004-01-20 07:59:00 AM
We use a persistence framework based on TOwnedCollection to control the
database access. Each user that logons on the system can choose a certain
CollectionItem for filtering. I need to store the last filtered item. It
would be no problem to add a collection object to store this but it is
essentially a machine specific setting (since the user will for all
intensive purposes always use the same machine) and would seem to have no
place in the database.
I am considering storing this last filtered CollectionItem (oid) in the
registry. All the published properties in the collection are persisted (to
the database). What is the feeling about adding a public property (which
talks to a separate registry class) to store this last filtered
CollectionItem ?
Any discussion, comments welcome.
Thanks a lot, Tom.

Re:Mixing database persistence & registry

We use a persistence framework
I've got a feeling I might recognise it :-)
Define a BO to store the required info, and then define a new mapper
class that talks to the registry, and register that to persist the BO.
Jim Cooper
Falafel Software