Re: BDS2006/Turbo Delphi Pro/whatever causes Desktop to Flicker likea mad Christmas tree !!!

2007-03-09 03:53:00 AM
Dave schrieb:
What the heck is going on? I simply F12 from Source code to Form View
on my second monitor and my first monitors Desktop "Flickers like a mad
Christmas Tree". Is this normal? Am I suppose to run single monitor
only so I don't see this madness? Before I am told this is the wrong
group to post this question to, I already looked for others. There is
not group titled "Totally Whacked!", although there is a website with
this name!

Hm, at least the IDE does flicker alot. But I think Delphi 2007 IDE will
improve on that big time. At least some personse suggest that...