Re: There is another little story about marketing and Delphi (it is

2005-09-08 07:08:46 AM
"Rick Carter" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes:
Kylix 3 included both the Delphi (formerly known as Object>Pascal)
and C++ languages. From what I hear, sales were still>underwhelming.
But I am sure someone will correct you on commercial Kylix apps.
Yes. someone already did. I rest my case.
C# is a good language to learn. I am learning it because it's>worth
learning, not because I think either Borland or Delphi is>likely to
disappear any time soon.
No, I didn't learn C# because Borland will disappear. From the
first day I read about .NET and C# language, I was ready to learn it. I did try it a little bit in Visual Studio.NET
before I purchased C# Builder, since I am used to programming
in Borland IDE. The moment I saw VS.NET, and what I can
do with it, I told a colleague that Borland had better include
C# Builder with Delphi in its IDE. It came to pass.
And I think there have already been reports
that some developers were able to get Delphi 2005 purchases approved
simply because the IDE also supports development in C#.
I'm not sure who did, I may be one of them. Anyway, I was an
advocate of purchasing Delphi 2005 at my company, since I
learned that it includes C#. It was approved and I am using
the Architect version at this time. Like I wrote in one of
my comments, Borland may have saved the day by including
C# in its IDE. C# usage will grow, even surpassing Java
BTW, is Paradox still much alive? Though I have never used it,
but was told that it was a great product.