Apache, MySQL, dbexpress, Intraweb

2004-08-26 09:18:21 PM
Hi All,
Been developing an Intraweb site for a while and everything is going well.
Using Intraweb 5.1.28, Apache 2.0.50, MySql 4.0.x and OpenSSL. Site works
well but after a short while (undefined amount of time) of heavy traffic it
hangs and doesn't
respond and then when you try to reconnect the pages start throwing out
errors that variables aren't don't have valid values, and then that mysql
cannot process the query.
At one stage it corrupted the .so file and I had to replace it.
Using dbexpress to connect to mysql and it seems that the problem is on the
mysql side as if I restart the server then it goes away for a while. Even
occurs with 1 user on as dbexpress reconnects everytime
Any help would be welcome.