Usage of TIBEvents component in a DLL

2003-12-01 01:07:52 PM
Hi all,
I am looking to use a few TIBEvents components in a DLL that has
been developed in C++ Builder 6. I wish for these components to
be used to execute some code when the corresponding database
tables are triggered. I have used the components in a previous
application successfully but I am finding that when using them in
the DLL, the shutdown routine hangs when either trying to delete
the component or deregister the database before deleting.
The only difference between the DLL and the application that
uses the TIBEvents components successfully is that in the
application, the components are placed on the main form. There-
fore, is there any way of making the TIBEvents components in the
DLL appear to be placed on the main form of the application that
is using it?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions on the issue.