What am I doing wrong (API stuff) SOLUTION (almost)

Here is the code.  In order to make this work, I needed to access the child
window within NOTEPAD.  This child window is called (or is of the class?)
'Edit'.  I get it's handle by calling FindWindowEx.  Sending the message is
no problem.  

The next step now is to figure out how to access the menus of NOTEPAD.EXE.
For example, I want to send an <ALT-F> to open the file menu.  This is what
I have not been able to figure out.

     Msg := 'f';
     ProgramPath := StrAlloc(256);
     StrPCopy(ProgramPath, '\windows\notepad.exe');
     MyHandle := FindWindow('Notepad',nil);
     MyHandle := FindWindowEx(MyHandle,0,'Edit',nil);

Joseph I. Ceasar (Yossi)
CLS Computer Solutions