Error Creating Window Message

I just started getting an message 'Error Creating Window' when adding new
components to a form. Is there some kind of limit on the number of objects
I can put on a form? The form contains a TabbedNotebook with seven pages.

I started getting the same message a couple of days ago when the project
was opened and when I try to open a form from the Show Forms menu, some
will not display. The program will still run, but the form is not
accessable from Delphi.

I got the message once or twice when the program was running and I clicked
on the last page of the Tabbed Notebook. Does anyone have an answer. I need
to know quickly what I need to do to continue with this program. If I break
the form in to two forms does that overcome the limit or will there still
be a problem if both forms are open at the same time (same number of
objects as the original form).

James Armstrong