Oracle Label Security

2006-03-30 02:24:07 AM
I am currently investigating the possibilities to write an app that
will allow DBAs to administer user access rights using Oracle Label
Security (OLS). This is a rather theoretical task for a research
project at my university.
I have some articles and other sources about OLS works in general and
what it can be used for, but I am still looking for documentation on
how I could accomplishing managing this without the use of the Oracle
tools, and what APIs my (Delphi-)app would need to use.
Has anybody done something of this kind or knows of any (freely
available) documentation or code samples (Delphi or even C# or Java)
that concern OLS? Even if you could just point me in the right
direction, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any piece of information you could provide,