Offshore professionals at your service

2004-01-10 07:34:14 PM
PannonRex is a Budapest, Hungary based company established in 1994. We do
software development and consulting for our international clients from the
United States to Europe and Australia. Our partners include both small and
large companies and non-profit organizations as well.
Key services:
* analysis,
* porting/re-engineering,
* Windows GUI applications,
* CAD/CAM applications,
* 3D applications,
* Client/Server business & database applications,
* reporting, charting, and printing,
* solutions with Web technologies,
* porting applications to the Web,
* Windows API/system level programming,
* easy-to-use, well documented, high quality software,
* full project from software design to graphics design, testing and
Tools and technologies:
* Borland Pascal (TV & OWL), Delphi (+components, Open Tools API, etc.),
Kylix, C++, C++Builder, JBuilder (all Client/Server),
* Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, MASM Assembly, MS SourceSafe, MS
Visio, MSDN Universal,
* Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, MySQL, InterBase, MS SQL Server, MS Access, PowerSoft
* ADO, DAO, OLE/COM/ActiveX/ActiveForms, DDE,
* VBScript, JavaScript, MS FrontPage, (D)HTML, IIS & ISAPI, PHP, ASP, XML,
* RoboHelp, InstallShield, Kodak Imaging, AccuSoft ImageGear, OPUS
DirectAccess, Rainbow NetSentinel, MemoHASP,
* OpenGL, Direct3D, scene graphs, OpenCASCADE,
* cryptography (PKI, RSA, DES, certification authority, smart cards, etc.)
Supported systems:
* Windows NT/2000/XP/95/98/Me, Linux, MS-DOS.
Our highly skilled and motivated software specialists have several years of
experience in software development. We continually monitor and evaluate new
technologies to make sure we present the most suitable solution strategy for
our clients' problems. We are eager and have the capacity to understand the
problem domain. This guarantees that we deliver well-engineered solutions.
We have very competitive rates and our comprehension of the problem domain,
clear design, and experience will eliminate the unknowns in the development
phase, making sure that we meet our deadlines and deliver a solution that is
within our clients' budget.
Some of our key advantages for our clients are:
* experience: many of us started ~20 years ago with programming, and we have
seen a lot in this industry,
* multidisciplinary team: we have people with software engineering, computer
science, civil engineering, economics, etc. degrees,
* wide range of skills: we have done low-level development such as drivers,
API programming, and also many types of application programs (Computer
Aided Design/Engineering - architecture, electronics, vehicles, etc.;
business systems; client/server and N-tier solutions; etc.) and also
web-based applications; we use tools like MSVC++/MFC, Delphi, Oracle 8i,
MySQL, PHP, Perl, Apache, IIS, and more,
* we can easily scale form a small sub-project to complete turn-key
solutions requiring strong project management skills
* full service: we also have graphics artists, copy writers/proofreaders
etc. so you don't have to worry about visual design or documentation,
* up-to-date knowledge: we're a small team but we're hand-picking the very
best people and take pride in making sure they get good on-going education
so they can put their best into our solutions,
* analysis: all the above boils down to exceptionally strong personal
analytical skills that we are ready to apply for the benefit of our
clients. That means we don't just do the assigned job; we always try to see
the big picture and think together with our clients on their problems. We
always make the necessary research and provide an optimal solution,
* we have state-of-the-art infrastructure including development tools,
source control, backup, fast internet access, etc.
* we like to pretend that we are a creative folks as well,
* last but not least, we are very affordable
Since we are a company, it is very easy to work with us: you will not have
to deal with work permits, employee plans, etc. We issue invoices according
to our project schedule.
Our developers are disciplined and we are using Menturio (,
our in-house developed project & issue-tracking system for tracking,
communication, and reporting.
Terms and prices are flexible and negotiable. Detailed information is
available upon request.
Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to your requirements!
Bests Regards,
Peter Illes
PannonRex Development & Consulting Ltd.