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Delphi Programmer in Seattle, Washington?

2008-06-21 01:25:01 AM
A certified financial planner in Seattle would like enhancements to a large
Delphi project I coded.
I really don't want to spend the time to do the enhancements. He is willing
to pay for the custom programming. I could send the code (it's fairly well
documented) to the programmer, and the relationship would be strictly
between the financial planner and yourself.
The programmer really does not need to be in Seattle, but he would be more
comfortable if the person at least speaks English.
The project uses components from TurboPower, and reports from Nevrona Report
Printer Pro (now RAVE).
If interested, please post a response and I can let you know more details
and arrange a phone conversation between you and the financial planner.

Re:Delphi Programmer in Seattle, Washington?

I'm interested and use both TurboPower and Rave Reports.
The questions I have are:
* What version of Delphi is this in?
* What's the urgency of the requirements?
* Why don't you want to do it?
(You can just "reply" to get my email address.)
David Cornelius