Web Services (THTTPRIO)

2008-06-04 04:02:36 PM
I've got a problem while using new release of Indy10 in D7.
There is a project, where were used SOAP services from the Web Services tab.
When I would removed Indy9 and installed Indy 10.1.5 (with Atozed software), all components from the Web Services tab and the tab itself dissapeared, but still it is in shown while customizing tabs, but its therefore empty.
What should I do, to handle with this? Where can I get the WebServices components?
I've found out that Indy is required for these components, and I guess the 9th ver. Is there any capability to use Indy10 get those components? At least I need THTTPRIO class, and somewhere I have found that the TIdHTTPRIO provided, but it is not obviosly the truth as much as I can see...
Help me please! Thanks