Passing a Delphi Variant array to VB

Hello to all,

I'm working on a Delphi application that writes information to a central
Dictionary object (from the MS Script library).
Now I want to put data in it from Delphi and read it in VB. My problem
exists in that I want to put an array in it and then
read it back in VB. This should be no problem at all since the Dictionary
supports variants (infact, everything is a variant).

I figured I would have to use a variant that contains an array, and put that
into the Dictionary. However if I use the code below,
the VB app returns Empty when reading the array!!

Delphi code to store the array in the dictionary
   Data: OleVariant;
   Data := VarArrayCreate([0,2],varVariant);
   Data[0] := "0";    Data[0] := "1";   Data[0] := "2";

VB code to read it back
  Dim Rec as Variant
  Rec = Dict.Get_Value("MyValue")
  MsgBox Rec(0)

When I set a VB watch on Rec, it displays the value of Empty !
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?

Any help will be appreciated !

Regards, J.Bijleveld