suppress tcombobox onclick event when scrolling

2004-02-01 08:29:29 PM
I have a dbedit that users can fill from a combobox and I need to
update de dbedit after the user has choosen and set focus to another
If I put the code in the onclick / onchange event, the dbedit gets
updated and the focus lost while the user is scolling through the
combobox with keys up/down (end of scrolling :-).
If I leave onclick/oncange empty and setup the code under
chr(13)-onkeypress all is well keyboardwise but not mousewise of
course. Selecting an item with the mouse does not trigger an onexit
either. I cannot check for keypresses within an onclick / onchange
event. So I am stuck.
Funny thing is that tdblookupcombobox behaves so differently.