QR dilemmae

2005-03-12 04:26:07 AM
2 dilemmas, actually. I am using QuickReport 3.5.???? w/D7 Pro.
1. I need to be able to use printer setup when viewing a saved report.
The button is disabled. I found this gem in the helpfile KB section...
"This is actually a design feature. When the orientation or paper size
was changed, the result was poor output from the saved repots so this
functionality was removed from the default preview. If you build a
custom preview, you can use the printersetup on saved reports. An
example project with a custom preview with functionality can be
downloaded from our download page under the filename custprev.zip"
The referenced zip isn't on the QU site anymore. Anyone know where to
get it? Or equivalent instructions? Fixed a wacky metafile design in a
later version?
2. When I print from my saved report (labels), the text has crawled up
the page about half an inch, and therefore off the top of the label.
Anybody got a fix?