Problems connecting to an MS-Access v2.0 database

I have an existing MS-Access 2.0 application (constructed under Win 3.1). I
would like to be able to view the data from Delphi (version 2.0, running
under Win 95).

I believe I've followed the instructions for connecting to an Access
database, but have had no luck so far. The system keeps returning this
error message:

"Your application is not enabled for use with this driver. Alias: Access".

Can someone tell me what I've done wrong?

Here are the steps I've done so far:

1.      Under Control Panel / 32bit ODBC. I added a User Data Source (Driver)
for Microsoft Access (*.mdb) and called it Access. I then selected the
Access database to which I wanted it pointing. I exited from the Control
Panel screen.

2.      Under the BDE Configuration Utility / Drivers, I created a new driver
with the following selections: SQL Link Driver: ODBC_Access; Default ODBC
Driver: Microsoft Access Driver (only Access and Foxpro were showing);
Default Data Source Name: Access (the only option showing). I saved the

3.      Under the BDE Configuration Utility / Aliases, I created a new Alias
with the name of Access and an Alias type of ODBC_Access (that and Standard
were the only two options).

4.      Under Delphi, in a new application, I added a Tdatasource and a Ttable.
The Tdatasource pointed to the Ttable. The Ttable databasename property was
set to Access.

When I tried to set the Ttable TableName property, that's when I get the

Thinking the program might be confused by so many references to 'Access',
I've tried various combinations of names with no change in result.

In Control Panel I have a 32bit ODBC and a plain (16bit) ODBC, but Delphi
completely ignores this one and only goes to the 32bit ODBC.