Req: info on Delphi 3.0 and "NATIVE" MSAccess and MSFoxPro...

Hello, all,

        I've seen mention here that people know how, but I don't see anywhere
in the documentation HOW to do this:

        I thought that for "native" access, I would just set the database name
and type to an MSAccess database file.

        Since there is no 'ttAccess' table type, how does one do this???

        If someone could point to a complete reference (preferably in Borland's
manuals) I'd appreciate it greatly.



P.S. If anyone knows where the TClientSocket and related components are (as they
are referenced in the manual and online docs) I'd appreciate knowing that, too.
They don't appear on the component bar!  AARRGGHH!

P.P.S. I'm really glad I'm not doing VB, but Delphi support is so bad from
Borland; poor docs, "wrong" info, etc.  *sigh*