Problem with drawing in TPW51

Is it normal that a pen can not draw in all colors and a brush can ?

In my program I create a pen, solid, 1 pix width and color
rgb(255,128,255). Now when I do LineTo(...) I get a gray line.

When I create a pen with the same color, but as a PS_INSIDEFRAME and 2
width, I get the right color (some kinda red).

When I create a brush, the color is also the right one.

Now my question: how can I draw a line with width 1 pix and the PS_SOLID
style in this desired color ???
Or can it never be done cuz TPW51 doesn't allow it ? If it is this case,
how can I approximate the thing I want ?

(A line of 2 pix width is too big, it has to be 1)

Hope to hear something.

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