History of Pascal web page, searching for old info, UCSD P-system, Terak, etc. stuff

As part of the creation of my Terak Museum web page, I've stumbled
into preserving part of the history of Pascal and UCSD Pascal.

The Terak was a PDP-11-based personal computer, circa 1979.  It ran
the UCSD Pascal system among other OSes.  The web page is at
http://www.threedee.com/terak/ , with links to the Pascal pages.

Along the path to creating a Terak emulator, I hope to create a
freely distributable C-based P-system interpreter that can run UCSD
p-code programs for versions I.3, I.5 and perhaps II.  With this,
collectors of ancient P-system computers should be able to run their
old programs on contemporary computers.

I started a p-code disassembler on my own, and then made contact with
someone who'd already written a UCSD P-system I.5 interpreter and
disassembler in Turbo Pascal on the PC which will help this project
take a great leap forward.

I'm looking for other people who might have UCSD P-system information
or code that could assist this project.

I've also tried to collect very old Pascal compiler source code.
I have the source to the P4 compiler, but I understand there were
earlier compilers.

I even contacted Prof. Niklaus Wirth to see if he had the source code
to his original compilers.  At first he said "no," but a few weeks
later he said he'd located a CDC-6400 7-track tape that might have
the source, but he had no way to read it.

- John Foust