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May be or not....

2005-10-06 01:44:16 AM
I meet the bizzare event. I Use paradox in windows Xp. At one time there is
a table which its data lose. though power never cut off. Its Index condition
is no problem. this is proven by there is no something message. I still able
to add, vanishing, editing data without problem
Now, What is your opinion? Is there somebody which intentionally vanish that
data? or is there other factor? and what solution to overcome this problem?

Re:May be or not....

There are three possible causes.
1) The table is corrupt. Repair it using the table repair program at
2) Data was lost when either the client or the server PC or Windows
crashed. This is particularly likely if Windows write caching is
3) The user or the app deleted the data.
Without knowing more about the cause the only solution I can suggest is
to convert the app to use a database server.
Bill Todd (TeamB)