CLX & DBExpress Troubles

2003-10-01 12:25:08 AM
Hello, folks. Wolfe, here.
Having a bit of a problem.
See...I wrote a CLX application using DB Express and I am trying to deploy
it. I tried including the VisualCLX merge module (so that it installs the
necessary QT files) and it gives me a very funky error when I test or
attempt to run the install...
Internal Error 25001. 1615 :
_T("Select * from ISSelfReg"),&hView)
...and then...
Internal Error 25001. 6 :
...which effectively stop the install and apparently doesn't install what
needs to be installed, because when you try to run the application, it
throws back an exception along the lines of...
[Program name] caused an exception eedfadeH in module <unknown>at
Now I am miffed, confused, and getting heat from my lead programmer because
we can not deploy the application we've worked so {*word*156}.
Please help.
P.S. I have tried including (just as files) the necessary DLL's instead (all
of the ones I am allowed to deploy according to my deploy.txt file and I have
D7 Studio) and that doesn't work either.