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Invalid handle to the function...

2003-07-11 12:39:47 AM
Hi, I have a Delphi 5 project using dBase IV files, just in few cases,
when I try to open a TQuery component I get the error "Invalid handle to
the function". If I execute the same query through the Database Desktop,
it returns the right data. As I said previously the project is in
production and just in some cases we get that error.
The most PC running the application are PIII or PIV, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB
HD, Win98.
Have anyone idea of what is causing the fail???
Thanks in advance!!

Re:Invalid handle to the function...

Just for the records:
I have solved the problem, was a lot of temporary files on the
PrivateDir for the session, in some way I think BDE was trying to use a
temporary file from a past session. The solution was deleting the files
before activating the session.