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Paradox table problem

2006-10-05 11:01:24 AM
I have an app that writes to a Paradox table when the application starts and
closes. This application sets the Session.NetFileDir to the path where the
table resides. I have a try..except that fires if the table is not there
and the except does not fire, so I think it is finding the table. In this
same try..except I append the table and write fields to a row, but nothing
shows up in the table.
On a computer that is working correctly. I have looked at the folder where
the Table is and there are three files there when this application is
running: PARADOX.LCK, PDOXUSERS.LCK, and PDOXUSRS.NET. Also, when I look at
BDEADMIN.exe, the table shows up in the Databases and the path is to where
the table is. This computer writes to the Table correctly.
On the computer described in the first paragraph, the three files
does not have the Table showing in the list of databases.
Does anyone have an idea what I can look for to solve this problem?

Re:Paradox table problem

Are both computers writing to the same physical table?
Is the table indexed?
How are you determining that there is no data in the table?
Is this a multi-user application?
What version of the BDE are you using?
What operating system are the two computers running?
If the machine where no data appears is not writing to the same
physical table as the machine that works as expected then you may have
a corrupt table. Try repairing it with the table repair utility at
Bill Todd (TeamB)