Excel Automation: How to find out if the text will fit in the cell?

2003-11-25 11:23:39 PM
Hi everybody,
I am working with excel file from Delphi. What I need to do, is to
change font for a spreadsheet to Courier New (fixed font). The problem
is that this font is generally larger then, say, Times New Roman. So
the text that looked OK in the cell does not fit there anymore, if
adjusted cell contains any data.
I would like to know if there is a way to know that part of the cell's
text will not be visible (will be kind of trancated). I understand,
that the whole text is still there, but the next step I am doing is
saving excel file as "space delimited", so only visible part is being
saved to text file.
Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.