Starting out of proc server from in proc server

2006-09-08 01:12:21 PM
Hi all
I have a Weak, out of process server.
I have an in-proc server which attempts to return an interface to that out
of process server.
If my out of proc server is not running, then I create an instance of it and
can use it no problem.
However, when I close down my in proc server, it seems to have problems
releasing the
interface to my out of proc server. Basically my in proc server seems to
hang on the _IntfClear
method in System. If my out of proc server is already running then it
closes down fine.
Do I need to do anything specific if I am creating the "first" instance of my
out of proc server
when I am creating from within an in proc server? The in proc server is a
windows shell extension.