Free Delphi Pro To 30 Winners

Borland has just put online the last 6 clues in the "Operation X" game.
This means that all 18 clues can now be collected and submitted to
Borland.  30 winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries.
Winners recieve FREE Delphi Professional.

The game ends on June 18th.  You have 12 days left!

Hints follow -- don't read on unless you really must.  First, if you
can't figure out the cell phone clue, dial 411 and hit "send" to get
extra help.  Second, if you can't find the hidden room, move your cursor
over everything on the screen and watch Netscape or Explorer's status
bar at the bottom.  A URL with "hiddenroom" in it will display when you
find the right spot.  Good luck!