Help with pointer to dynamic array please!

In article <>, Alan Beaudoin

<> writes:
>Hi, here's my problem... I have a function that takes a delimited
>string, makes an array out of it, and returns a pointer to the array.

When you say a delimited string, do you mean a string which would result from

'"First", "Second", "Third"'

or  from

'First, Second, Third'

or from

'This is my String' and you want individual characters to be separated into the

>This pointer will be used by the calling procedure to
>make/initialize/put data in another array. Then the array will be used
>as the second parameter to the Format function. Like so;

Format is declared as :-

function Format(const Format: string; const Args: array of const): string;

ie the format parameters are the _first_ parameter as a simple string, and the
_second_ parameter is an open array of constants of any type.

If you are just displaying the separate strings of a tab-delimited, or a
comma-delimited string, then there are much easier ways to do it using, for
example, the CommaText property of a TStringList. If your original "delimited"
string includes numbers-as-a-string then an only slightly more complicated
activity is neccessary.

Alan Lloyd