Report Smith 3.0 Problem (Ithink!!)

I have deployed an applicationwritten in Delphi 2.0 using ReportSmith
3.0 as the report writer. The app. produces color brochures, the scope
of which is user definable.
The app. ran fine for about three months, then the user started to
experience problems. Whenever a report is printed, the system runs
incredibly slowly (Pentium 133 with 32 Mb EDO RAM and 2 gb HDD). With
the report printed to screen, it takes for ever to scroll down a page or
to page up and down. In some instacnes, pages which ReportSmith says ti
is printing don't print to the printer, even though they appear on
screen. It appears that the problem has gotten progessively worse over
The system currently has about 40 images stored as .BMP files of about
1.2MB each. When I was testing the system before deployment, I had at
least this many images and did not have any problems.
The client has found a number of files with the following type names:
~RSM001.SBL and ~RSM001.SBX in his root directory, almost 200 in fact.
Does anybody know what these files are? They are anything up to 800Kb in
size each. I have found such files on my system, but only with the .SBL
extension, and they are all 1Kb in size and consist of a text string,
the word UNCOMPILED. They appear in the RS_RUN directory and in the
MACROS directory on my PC. I am wondering whether these files might hAve
anything to do with the problem.
Any assitance would be greatly appreciated, as I am at my wits end!
The target PC is running Windows 95 Release 4.00B.
The printer is and HP DeskJet 670CXi.
Norman McFarlane